Our company 

We are a family company, founded by three brothers named Tokarscy, which is operating continuously for 30 years. The basis of our offer is a wide range of products necessary for grilling like among others: briquettes made of charcoal, instant briquettes made of charcoal with firelighter, charcoal, solid and liquid firelighters, disposable grills or products 2-in-1.

Our headquarters is located in south-western Poland in the area of the commune bordering on the city of Opole. The turn of the year 2018/2019 is an exceptional period for us. Currently, we are finalizing the investment process, which lasted several years and we are moving to a larger and more modern headquarters. This change will significantly increase our production capacity. 

For many years our products have been gaining recognition not only on the Polish market, but also on many demanding foreign markets, mainly Germany, Holland, Austria, Scandinavia, Czech Republic, Croatia and Israel. 

Thanks to a full control over the technological process, we guarantee constant and reproducible quality in every package of briquettes made of charcoal, as well as in every package of charcoal supported by the obtained DIN-Geprüft quality certificate for these products. We also offer FSC® certified  products. 

At the request of our customers, we are able to pack our standard products in packaging that meets their expectations and offer products with different unit weights and palletizing methods. 

After signing the appropriate agreements, we guarantee our wholesale customers the whole season delivery of our products in accordance with the adopted delivery schedule, and on request we provide a mass supply immediately before the start of the barbecue season. 

You are welcome to contact us or visit our headquarters directly. We will also be pleased to prepare a specific offer on your request.


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