Manufacturer of wood briquettes and BBQ assortment

High-quality range of grilling products. Invariably best BBQ fuel, for many years, in Poland and in the world.


Over 30 years of experience in the grill industry.


Production compliant with the requirements.


Continuous supply before and during the season.

Manufacturer of charcoal briquettes

Wood briquette is an inseparable element of the summer season in many gardens, both in Poland and around the world. The Bracia Tokarscy company is a manufacturer of the highest quality charcoal briquettes, with an export network to over 20 countries.

Producent brykietu z węgla drzewnego
Węgiel drzewny na grilla dystrybucja

Grill charcoal and wood briquette for BBQ

The most popular fuel for lighting the grill, made of well-dried deciduous trees. It gives the grilled dishes a wonderful, natural aroma. Grilling with BBQ charcoal requires more frequent refilling of the grill with wood fuel, but it is a convenient solution if, for example, we care about time.

Certified wood briquette and charcoal for the barbecue

The products meet the highest quality standards, in accordance to held certificates.

Offer of BBQ fuel and assortment

Brykiet z węgla drzewnego na grilla od producenta

Wood barbecue briquette

The production of natural grill briquettes, made of the highest quality wooden charcoal, is our specialty.

Węgiel drzewny na grilla od producenta

Charcoal for the barbecue

Production of BBQ charcoal, exclusively from deciduous trees, order parameters as per customers requests.

Producent grilli jednorazowych

Disposable grills & BBQ's

As a producer of grill and BBQ accessories we offer disposable grills and other BBQ and grill assortment.

Production of BBQ and grill assortment under private label

If you are interested in cooperation, in the production of charcoal or briquette for barbecue under your own brand, in wholesale quantities, send an inquiry using the form.

Charcoal for grill & BBQ from the manufacturer

As a manufacturer, we have high-quality wooden charcoal obtained as a result of an appropriate carbonization process, which we use to produce high-quality wood briquettes for the grill. Thanks to the perfected process, we minimize smoke and sparking of briquettes in the end-product.

Wholesale of Wood Briquettes for barbecue

The production of wood briquettes intended for barbecue requires a professional machine park. The Bracia Tokarscy company has a modern machine park of high efficiency, thanks to which the supply of charcoal and briquettes for the grill throughout the barbecue season does not pose a challenge.

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