About Us

We are a family business founded by three brothers. The company has been operating for over 30 years.

The beginning of production of the grill assortment

Grilling in its present form has been continuously growing in popularity since the 1980s and the beginnings of the company “Bracia Tokarcy” date back to this period. Today it is difficult to imagine a meeting in the open air, among friends and family, without the delicious aroma of well-prepared grilled dishes. It is the passion for grilling and family gatherings that contributed to the establishment of our company. Initially, we specialized in ecological fire starters for fireplaces and tiled stoves, with time the grill assortment has become the basis of our activity and it is still the case today.

Polski producent węgla na grilla, brykietu na grilla - historia
Producent brykietu z węgla drzewnego na grilla - Polska

Company development and new markets

From the very beginning, the company has been located in the heart of the Opolskie Voivodeship, in south-western Poland. Continuous development and investments made allowed for a significant increase in production capacity. In 2019, the “Bracia Tokarscy” company launched a modern and much larger production line in Przywory, near Opole, where the machine park is still being expanded. Increased production capacity allows us to reach new demanding markets, mainly in Western and Northern Europe.

Our achievements

Continuous development and satisfying market needs helped us gain the trust of our clients.

Production patents

We lead the way in production technology.

Global Markets Served

Our products gain recognition all over Europe.

Manufactured brands

The largest companies have trusted us.

Certyfikaty i wyróżnienia

Zwiększamy swoje kompetencje, co niejednokrotnie zostało docenione wyróżnieniami i certyfikatami.

Production of the grill assortment under private label

If you are interested in our charcoal briquette production offer, use the available contact form.

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