We offer the highest quality charcoal and charcoal briquettes for the grill.

Our offer is supplemented with barbecue accessories.

Producent brykietu z węgla drzewnego na grilla - Polska

Wholesale of Charcoal briquette

Produced from a fine fraction of charcoal, grill briquettes are currently the most popular, next to charcoal, grill fuel. It is possible to pack briquettes in bags provided by the customer.

Offer of instant briquettes for barbecue

Instant charcoal briquettes are a modern product for people who value the time and cleanliness of the grill. The product enables clean and easy grilling. An extremely popular solution with the possibility of full personalization of the order.

Producent brykietu instant na grilla
Węgiel drzewny na grilla od producenta

Wooden Charcoal for Barbecue Wholesale

A classic solution for traditionalists who appreciate good grilling. The charcoal for the grill is made exclusively from resin-free deciduous trees. Packed and labeled as requested by the customer.

Grill & BBQ assortment offer

We have developed a wide range of grilling assortments, including: disposable grills, liquid fire lighters and solid fire lighters. Our fire lighters are characterized by high efficiency, and thanks to the raw materials and production methods used, our grill lighters do not affect the taste and smell of the prepared dishes.

Producent asortymentu grillowego z Polski
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